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Virginia State Conference Phonebanks

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Welcome to our GOTV phonebanks. Please feel free to make calls from any of these phonebanks. Phonebanks open at 9am and close at 9pm Eastern. We are adding new phonebanks as old ones are complete. Please visit this page often as we work to ensure that we are reaching out to voters across the state.

Click here for instructions on how to use Open Virtual Phonebanks.

GOTV Phonebanks - 2016 Voters
We are calling African American voters who voted in the 2016 election and are asking them to vote again in 2017. There are only 2 questions: Do you plan to vote in 2017 and do you need a ride to the polls on election day? There are two sections of phonebanks: Urban/Suburban and Rural.
Urban/Suburban Phonebanks 
Fairfax - 622 Lorton Station (New)
Portsmouth - 028 Lakeview Elementary (New)
Chesapeake - 032 Providence (New)
Chesapeake - 012 Georgetown (New)
Prince William County - 708 River Oaks
Henrico 202 (Azalea)

Richmond - Precinct 610


City of Alexandria

City of Manassas



Rural Phonebanks

Isle of Wight - Rushmere (New)

Roanoke - 021 Eureka Park (New)

Albemarle County

Buckingham County (New)

City of Franklin

Dinwiddie County

City of Emporia

Brunswick County

Sussex County



Campbell County

Halifax County



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